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Lalus Roots N Conjure

15 inch Sweet Grass Smudge

15 inch Sweet Grass Smudge

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Sweetgrass is a traditional sacred herb used for smoke cleansing as well as energetic renewal.

Its vapors offer peace, clarity + happy vibrations.

⁣Medicinally, it has long been inhaled to soothe colds + flu symptoms.

It’s scent + energy is characteristically subtle, light, uplifting + sweet.

The gentle energy of sweetgrass makes it an especially divine ally for work related to communication, prayer + healing.

⁣Call on sweetgrass to uplift your mood, to start your day on a really bright note, or to burn after a deeper sage or copal cleanse, to welcome sweetness back into your home or energetic body.

Comes with 1 sweet grass rope

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