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Lalus Roots N Conjure

Abundance Intention Set

Abundance Intention Set

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Manifest the vibration of abundance and attract more prosperity into your life.

This kit has the plant, crystal and color energies that draw money, luck, good fortune, growth... all the things that will help you prosper! Perform the ritual before a job interview, the casino, a new business venture, or anytime you want to catalyze a period of abundance and prosperity.

Makes the perfect gift for anyone who's looking to make a boost in their finances!  

Palo Santo Smudge Stick Palo santo, also known as "holy wood," is revered for it's ability to clear away negative energy and raise vibrations. Use this to cleanse your space as you begin your ritual by smudging. To smudge, simply light one end of your stick until it smolders and waft the smoke around you and the room. Palo santo smells like a fresher, lighter version of frankincense and makes a wonderful alternative for people who are fond of sage. You'll get many uses out of this one stick

 Money Drawing Bath Salts

The Money Drawing Bath Salt is created to reset your body, mind and spirit! Each component serves the purpose of clearing away and protecting you from negativity, as well as pampering your senses. These are ideal for empaths, energy workers and before ritual work. Pour some into your bath, let the frankincense, palo santo, and lavender essential oils soothe your body mind and spirit as your skin is softened and your aura is cleared of all negativity. This is the perfect way to clear your energy for the ritual. 

Green Chime Candle Candles are lit during ritual as a symbolic message to the Spirit realm. The energy of the flame help to direct and carry your intention and fuels it's momentum. The green candle in magic relates to the the earth element, growth and fertility. And of course, it's the color of money!  

Prosperity Anointing Oil (.5oz) The oil blend can be used as a perfume, to anoint energetic tools, or sniff anytime you need that extra boost! Some of the properties of the oil, Magical: Promotes strength, vitality, energy, and power. Attracts money and financial abundance. Aromatherapy: Fosters strength and directness when needed in a balanced kind way.  Assists in a state of mind of wholeness and completion. Made with Herbs of the earth, our oil helps the growth and prosperity of all things in abundance.

Prosperity Crystal Pack The ritual kit comes with prosperity drawing tumbled and rough stones, about an inch or so in size. 

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