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Lalus Roots N Conjure

Amethyst Tumbled Stone

Amethyst Tumbled Stone

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Tumbled amethyst for psychic vision, clarity, and serenity

Each stone feels smooth to the touch and its vibration is calming and soothing. Amethyst activates the Crown Chakra for spiritual evolution and connects you with your inherent wisdom. This stone brings clarity, energetic detoxification, peace, and angelic connection.

If you desire psychic visions, restful sleep, and vivid dreams, this offering is for you. Hold yours in the palm of your hand and you’ll instantly feel the energy reverberating off its surface, ready to nourish your soul with its healing vibrations.

Used in Hoodoo for clear intuitive energy and discernment. Great stone yo use when you need to stay sober. It breaks addictions.

Meditate with your tumbled amethyst to help you connect with the higher realms and to clear your mind, body, and spirit.

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