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Lalus Roots N Conjure

Black Kyanite | Powerful Grounding Stone

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Black Kyanite is a crystal of centring. Other base chakra crystals will ground you, reinforcing your connection with the physical earth, whereas Black Kyanite helps you redraw all the fragmented parts of yourself back into alignment. If you often find yourself scattered, trying do think about or do too many activities at once or are constantly in the past or future rather than the present then Black Kyanite is a crystal for you. It helps to detract any energies that are not your own and allow you to refocus on the present moment, leaving you feeling centred and focus. Black kyanite is a power crystal that helps to remove blocked energy, deflect psychic attack, and help you to uncover and work through the causes of inner resistance. Here’s how to work with it: Wear it daily: to help deflect specific sources of psychic attack, sources that you know, such as someone you know who is sending bad vibes your way or giving you the evil eye to help repel external sources of negative energy to combat your resistance to change or new habits and new ways of thinking Meditate with it: to work through specific blocks in pursuing your life/soul purpose or healing process Use it in crystal therapy: place it on any chakra where you feel there is an energy blockage to dissolve that energy to remove energy blockages from energy channels such as the nadis or the meridians to remove deeply set unconscious resistance in your system by placing black kyanite at the crown chakra