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Lalus Roots N Conjure

Black Tourmaline Logs

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I love black tourmaline! Black tourmaline is the most protective stone you can work with, period. I just love holding it in my hands. They are super gemmy, grade AAA natural black tourmaline logs. Powerful. Potent. Just what you’re looking for in a magical tool meant to protect you, shield you, ground you, and give you the comfort therein. The deeper magic of black tourmaline logs Black tourmaline creates an energy shield in its immediate surroundings. It deflects negative frequencies and energetically seals weakened auric spaces. Black tourmaline is particularly protective of people and places. If you are feeling physically unsafe, then that is the time to work with black tourmaline. I keep black tourmaline at the entrances of my house, at the four corners of my property, and keep it a piece close in my purse. Bring one of these black tourmaline logs into your energetic practice and feel the gentle inner-release that occurs when you feel truly safe, secure, and protected.   These natural black tourmaline logs have quartz inclusion, which magnifies all of properties of black tourmaline. These are super juicy pieces, and I can’t wait for you to experience the power of black tourmaline for yourself. This listing is for one (1) black tourmaline log