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Lalus Roots N Conjure

Carnelian |Prosperity, Passion , Creativity

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Carnelian holds potent energy. Leos call this gem their birth star stone and this gem of fire brings courage and creative spark. It is said to attract prosperity and good luck. Carnelian can be worn to enhance passion, love, and fertility. Carnelian activates the Sacral Chakra, your energy center of creativity, pleasure, sensuality, and passion. Known as the gemstone version of caffeine, carnelian enhances stamina, optimism, and empowerment. It reminds you that you’re divinely alive, boosting your energy when you’re feeling down. To the Egyptians, Carnelian was known as the setting sun due to a clear resemblance to the beautifully vibrant color that our sun wears as it sets over the horizon. The rich red color of Carnelian also represents fertility and specifically the sacred power of a woman’s womb. For women, by using this crystal during your moon cycle, you can connect this sacred bodily process with the spirit world, encoding within it all the power of the great feminine creator goddesses who brought this world and this universe into existence. Listing is 1 stone