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Lalus Roots N Conjure

Cleo Mae Hoodoo Oil | Power, Money, Protection

Cleo Mae Hoodoo Oil | Power, Money, Protection

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So I finally made a batch of Cleo May oil, it’s a well known Hoodoo conjure oil that is like my Jezabel Oil, but I amped up the “anti-theft” protection, return to sender and overall safety properties.

Y’all know I’m big on being proactive instead of reactionary.

Ingredients: blended essential, roots, good intentions, oils, dried herbs.

Not much is known about Cleo Mae, she was a powerful madam in New Orleans. She was about her paper and making sure her girls were all treated right!

Used by women of the night to attract wealthy clients. Can also be used to attract a sugar daddy or get bigger tips from male customers if you are a waitress.

Use this oil in a bath, anoint your pressure points in your body, rub on your hands/bottom of feet, etc etc etc 👀😉

1oz or .5 oz

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