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Hyssop Herb Bag | Purification

Hyssop Herb Bag | Purification

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An ancient choice for purification allied with Jupiter,* hyssop is nice to infuse for a wash of magical tools or of living quarters that might have been contaminated by negative forces or pesky spirits.
It can also be used as a powder to sprinkle in the corners of rooms you want to purify or sanctify. Steep Hyssop in oil or blessed water.

Sprinkle some drops on people, places, or things that need to be purified.

Carry Hyssop in your pocket to prevent unkind thoughts and energy from sticking to you.m Add Hyssop tea to the bath as an uncrossing remedy. If you’re the one who’s crossed someone, the ritual bath will wash away the bad juju and leave you squeaky clean.

Dispose of everything you used in the hex properly before making the Hyssop bath. Scrub your hands and body while reciting the 51st Psalm (“Wash me with Hyssop…”).

Hyssop tea is a comforting and uplifting drink that can accompany any type of purification magick. Combined with Rue, Hyssop makes a fine protective charm for the home. Some Witches tie sprigs of Hyssop to the besom to sweep away negativity.

Use an infusion of Hyssop to cleanse ritual tools, especially when acquiring used items for your altar. Precautions Hyssop is a kitchen herb. It’s safe for most people to use in normal food quantities. Comes with .5oz baggie

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