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Lalus Roots N Conjure

Intention Herb Blends

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These signature blends are filled with good vibes, oils, herbs, essential oils, crystals and other natural ingredients. The ingredients are all mixed together for you to have a jar that will assist you in accomplishing the intention set based on the signature blend you choose . This mix can be used in multiple ways. Directions: Get a jar and Place herbs in it. Write down specific intentions that you want to manifest in your life that the herbs can insist with Think of each specific intention while placing paper into jar you pick it out. Imagine bringing in or releasing the things you want to attract or remove Seal jar and place candle on top of jar *Light the bottom of candle until it melts a bit then stick to top (this will help to keep the candle in place) While candle is burning feel free to continue to speak intentions/mantra whenever you feel led to After candle is done burning, feel free to keep, dispose, or bury jar. Trust your intuition For best results, place a personal concern/essence in jar Feel free to add or remove any steps you are being led to You can also use materials in jar to dress candles, spiritual bath, make a honey jar with the jar, empty ingredients from jar from another ritual, etc.