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Lalus Roots N Conjure

Palo Santo Clearing Spray

Palo Santo Clearing Spray

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Energy is one of those things that, even though it can’t be seen, it can definitely be felt. And without a good cleansing every now and then, your home (and maybe even your life) starts to feel stale and stagnant.

There are as many ways to clean your home’s energy as there are to clean your home, but my favorite is with this simple Palo Santo smudge spray inspired by my grandma!
Spritz it in dark corners, on upholstery and carpets, and near entryways to purify the air and circulate pent up energy.

Palo Santo is a plant that’s traditionally been used to combat negative energy and to cleanse objects and spaces. Oftentimes the wood is burned and the smoke is wafted through the air to clear negativity and bring good luck.

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