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Lalus Roots N Conjure

Psychic Vision Tea | 3rd Eye Tea

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Enhance your Psychic ability with these Organic Herbs known to Enhance your Psychic State~ This tea also has a very strong effect on your Dream State offering you Lucid Dreams that are vital for knowing thyself and overcoming Conscious barriers.  ~My tea is a hand blended with an Organic mix of herbs. ~Use Psychic Visions before all forms of Divination including Tarot, Palmistry, Astrology, Spirit Board, Scrying, Crystal Balls, Runes, Ogham Sticks so on and so on~ The ingredients in this tea have a long history of raising your spiritual awareness and enhancing your own personal power. Ascension Lotus 3rd Eye Chakra Tea is a proprietary blend of rare organic herbs! Metaphysical Benefits: - Supports the pineal gland "3rd eye" spiritual center - Increases higher spiritual resonance   - Soothes anxiety and stress - Mentally grounding - Balances and feeds the higher mind - Enhances meditative states  - Nourishes and balances the root chakra  & 3rd eye chakra Health Benefits: - Manages Blood Pressure - Lowers Cholesterol - Protects the Liver - Anti-inflammatory & Antibacterial Agent - Helps reduce Menstrual Pain - Acts as an Antidepressant  - Helps reduce weight  - Powerful Antioxidant like green tea (better taste) - Combats signs of aging such as facial wrinkles  - Analgesic properties can alleviate on oncoming headache - Powerful brain boost packed with nutrients that energize the brain! - TASTE GREAT!  Drinking a cup of this tea before Ritual work will also increase the energy of your magical workings, making your spells more successful~ Steep your Tea for 10-15 Minutes for best results~  ~Drink your Tea about 30 Minutes before bed to experience Lucid Dreaming~  ~Tell the future: Reading tea leaves is an ancient art that can be entertaining and enlightening. ~Listing contains 2oz of Certified Organic Tea~ ~Serving Size for Loose Leaf Teas: 1/2 to 1 tsp in a tea strainer per 5 to 8 oz. cup No. of Servings per 1 oz. of Tea: Approximately 13 to 16 cups depending on how strong you like your tea~ ~~~DO NOT DRINK WHILE PREGNANT~~~ This Tea Contains Mugwort which is not recommended for pregnant women, Mugwort contracts the uterus which can result in miscarriage~