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Railroad Spikes-Hoodoo, Voodoo, Vodou, Santeria, Conjure, Protection

Railroad Spikes-Hoodoo, Voodoo, Vodou, Santeria, Conjure, Protection

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Railroad Spikes are used for protection of your home and property, keeping mortgage companies, hostile landlords, and the law at bay.

Use one at each corner of your property or home, by hammering them into the ground and covering with graveyard dirt. Place three in a cauldron at your front door. Place them under your front steps.

Use for spells to aid in safety in home, or to not be evicted from your home. Use to make War Water

Railroad ties are also a sign of power and a symbol of strength used for nailing down and keeping something in place.

Anoint your spike with various oils such as:

Money oil for Prosperity,
Luck oil for Good Luck,
Dragon's Blood for Power

Typically purchased in sets of 2 or 4. Railroad Spikes are a powerful tool for protecting your home and space. Typically, the proper Hoodoo way to energize their power is to heat the spikes and wake up them up. Simply place them on concrete floor or in a heat safe container, pour rum or Florida Water over them, (which I also have, the Florida Water available in my hoodoo section), soak the spikes for a few minutes and set them on fire. Once the fire is done, let them cool down. Once they cool down anoint the spikes with protection oil. You can wrap 2 spikes together to make a cross and then hang the cross over the front door of the space you wish to protect. Or you can hammer 4 spikes in the four corners of your home/space to protect the perimeters. Think of hammering a nail to the wall you'd instead hammer down the spikes into the ground in the 4 corners of your property creating a total field of energy boundary of protection around your home..

You can also place these in the corners of your room or home or on your altar or use in your spell workings for nailing something down.

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