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Lalus Roots N Conjure

Red Jasper Crystal | Root Chakra Crystal

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Use Red Jasper to embolden and strengthen courage. Red Jasper Stone can bolster fortitude and confidence as well, which makes it handy when needing to settle upon an important decision, or when trying to overcome a daunting obstacle. Red Jasper can quell the rising tides of anxiety and protect against nightmares and the fears and evils of the night, which makes it a comforting snuggle-buddy for children! Red Jasper stone’s energy seeks truth, fairness and justice, so employ its energies when dealing with legal matters, or when desiring to correct an unjust situation. Red Jasper’s energy travels straight to the root and core of the body and soul to nurture and stabilize it. It can still the mind and body, giving foundation in the midst of storms. Red Jasper’s energy can rouse the Kundalini and help it rise. In the realm of sensuality and sexuality, red jasper can ignite passions, enhance sensitivity and extend sexual pleasure. Red Jasper stone is “The Rain Bringer” and the blessed vitality of the Mother Earth. Petition its power when in need of assistance regarding matters of fertility and conception. While all varieties of Jasper have nurturing energy, Red Jasper is the most potent and very protective. It is often a very treasured tool in a crystal healer’s arsenal, providing comfort and support to those in need. This listing is for 1 crystal