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Lalus Roots N Conjure

Red Quartz Healing Points| Root and Sacral Chakra| Sensuality Stone

Red Quartz Healing Points| Root and Sacral Chakra| Sensuality Stone

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They are pretty to look at and even more powerful to hold. For those wanting to deepen their intuition and climb out of your shell. This stone helps to open the way for the manifestation of your greatest loves, desires, and achievements, while giving you the courage to claim what is your by divine birthright.

A stone of creativity and sexuality, Fire Quartz awakens kundalini energy while teaching you to trust your own judgment and artistic process. Opening your body, mind, and energy up to a reenergizing exchange sometimes means having to breakthrough blocks. That’s where crystals for sex and intimacy can make all the difference.


Things like stress at work, worrying about kids, issues in the relationship, depression, anxiety and feeling tired are all ways that life can cause energy blocks. When the mind and spirit are concentrating on these problems, it can make it hard to summon your sensual chi. At the end of the day, sex is a release. So when you’re spirit is blocked, that emotional and physical release can’t happen. To improve your sexual experience, you have to focus on removing those blocks. Crystals are powerful aphrodisiacs. Using crystals for sex, sensuality and intimacy will send vitalizing energy directly to your root and sacral chakras. By activating the chakra energy centers that control your desire and physical output, crystals for sex will create a shift in your emotional and subtle body.  

This stimulus will break through the blocks that have settled into your spirit from other areas of your life. Free of stagnant, tired or negative energy, you open up space in your sacral chakra to give and receive a flow of intimacy and love. In this way, crystals for intimacy help partners to express their needs and wants, and to view the sexual relationship as a sacred bond.

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