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Lalus Roots N Conjure

Rich Bae Herbal Soap For Manifestation, Love, Money, Propserity & Abundance

Rich Bae Herbal Soap For Manifestation, Love, Money, Propserity & Abundance

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Get the bag! My Rich Bae Shop includes essential oils and herbs that are commonly used to help draw new things into one’s life. Whether its a new career, a new relationship, money or just some good old fashioned luck, my Rich Bae Soap can help you draw in new opportunities. It’s the ideal blend to help you put your intentions right into action. It’s also great for those of you who may feel stuck, challenged or blocked. It is believed to have the power to help open new doors and bring new energy into your journey.


To take a ritual bath, make sure you are already clean; take a shower or bath the day before. While in the bath (or shower if you’d rather), gently wash with the Rich Bae Soap from your toes to your head, praying or saying your intentions of Attraction; be specific and meaningful. Try your best to keep negative thoughts at bay while you concentrate on what it is you want to manifest. You don’t have to soap your hair, but we suggest taking a bowl or cup of water and swishing in some of the soap and then pouring it over your head. When you are finished, if you wish, soak in the bath for 20 minutes, feeling the Attracting energy of the herbs, oils, and resins in the Soap permeating deep within your body and drawing all that you desire to you! When you are finished, you may towel dry your hair, but allow your body to air dry if possible, so as to not dry away your intentions.

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