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Lalus Roots N Conjure

Road Opener Spiritual Bath |Clear Blockages

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Used to open roads, doors, clear blockages, and attract good with new opportunities in love, money, career, health, success, healing, and more! Contains essentials herbs for clearing, road opening, and attracting. It's a great addition as it helps remove any negativity or obstacles that could be preventing you from achieving your intentions or goals. These bath salts can be used for a general bath soak or you can use these as a spiritual bath. You can also make a wash out of them which can be applied to your front doors, floors and/or furniture. If you choose to do a spiritual bath, simply mix some Road Opener Bath Salts with water in a bucket and begin to pour the water on you beginning with your feet, moving upwards towards the top of your head. This typically should be done at sunrise. As you are doing this, visualize new opportunities coming your way. Protip- reading Psalm 23. Repeat 3, 5 or 7 times