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Lalus Roots N Conjure

Rose Water Spray |Body, Hair or Smudge Spray

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My Organic Rose Water Spray is a blend of magic, rose and Oils! It has sat under an entire moon cycle for all of your magic, ritual and ceremonial needs. Use, Spray, and/or Wear the Rose cologne for love, blessings, and good luck. It can also empower spells and rituals for confidence and love. Rose cologne is good to use for love, harmony, good luck, along with it is used to bring peace in relationships.This can be used in any way you find fit, but its guaranteed to benefit any place, person, and situation. Some general uses for this product: Use in your laundry. Add to your floor wash. Put some in your shoes. For your altar., to anoint objects. Put in a diffuser. 4 oz spray bottle Skin safe. Not for internal use.