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Lalus Roots N Conjure

Rough Rose Quartz Point | Love

Rough Rose Quartz Point | Love

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If you want to heal your own heart or attract love, these Star Rose Quartz Points are the offering for you.
Rose quartz is the stone of true love and deep affection; it represents the bond that transcends time and space. It’s one of my favorites for heart healing and manifesting all kinds of love. Work with this tool to remind yourself of how bright, loving, and powerful you already are. Absorb its energy and send it back out into the world.
As you work with this tool, you’ll see how it generously infuses all energy fields with positive light rays and unconditional love.

Rose quartz is a Heart Chakra stone of universal love, reciprocity, and peace. It opens your heart, magnifies love, and reawakens trust. Frequently called the “mother of all love stones,” rose quartz teaches you about unconditional love, heals emotional wounds, and dissolves negative energies. Working with one of these Star Rose Quartz Points will gently open your Heart Chakra, bring healing to your heart space, and will allow for natural, flowing communication. I recommend placing your pillar on your desk at work, on one of your altars, as part of a crystal grid, or anywhere you can use an infusion of love energy.

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