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Lalus Roots N Conjure

Silver Flakes:

Silver Flakes:

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The Magick of Metal is often forgotten but important. Metals carry their own metaphysical energies and are shrouded in lore and history for various magickal purposes.

Silver is associated with the moon, feminine energy, protection and healing magick, self care, moon goddess such as Cleopatra, Bastet, Artemis/Diana, Hecate, Luna/Selene, etc.

Each 1oz bottle holds silver flakes, little pieces of silver leaf that have been gathered and stored for you to add to your spellwork.

Doing Protection Magick? Dream work? You’ll want silver for that spell. Place a few pieces where ever you feel it’s needed ~ in a mojo or charm bag, on your candle dressing, in a spell oil you crafted, the possibilities are limitless.

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