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Lalus Roots N Conjure

Sis,Dont Worry Anti Anxiety Spray

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AMETHYST - The creative and calming stone historically used by healers. LAVENDER - Lavender essential oil is the premier calming, tranquil eo. Spritz some tranquil vibes into your sacred space. How does this sprays work? The molecular vibrations of crystals are passed into pure spring water and into your auric field inviting your energy to step into this vibration, creating harmony and balance.  In time this blocking reaction gradually reduces, although at the beginning the body may still want to return to its usual defensive state.  The process of healing takes some time to anchor. Each spray contains a specific crystal formula that carries a certain healing vibration to tune into. Check the options available to see which one is best for you! When to use it When faced with Anxiety. After An Argument Before a tense exchange During meditation or yoga. To clear homes or public spaces. On your pillow before sleeping. Spray it on your altar. When waking up and before bed. When doing healing work, to help anchor the process. Use them as you’re inspired, the possibilities are endless!