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Lalus Roots N Conjure

Spell Candles

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Primary color
Perfect candles for altar, spells, ritual and meditation. Please read: ****Price is for 1 candle**** Please see below color correspondence: • Red: Love, Passion, Courage- 1st Chakra • Orange: Strength, Success, Attraction, 2nd Chakra • Yellow: Clairvoyance, Communication, 3rd Chakra • Pine Green: Healing, Prosperity, Growth, 4th Chakra • Blue: Meditation, Tranquility, Peace, 5th Chakra • Purple: Spirituality, Wisdom, Intuition, 6th Chakra • White: Clarity, Protection, 7th Chakra • Black: Absorbs Negative Energy, 1st Chakra • Brown: Earth, Grounding, 1st Chakra • Pink: Happiness, Self-Love & Esteem, 4th Chakra, Lovers, Draw In Love