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Lalus Roots N Conjure

Sugar Candle |Make them Sweet on You|

Sugar Candle |Make them Sweet on You|

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Hey Loves! So I created this candle to help you get a little nudge in the “sweetness “ department!

This candle is used in a directed manner towards a specific person the intention is that said person will become “sweeter,” more kind, tender, loving, and harmonious. 

Ways to use My candle: represents themselves so that they will be kinder and more loving to all of the people in their lives.

Others choose to burn the candle to mark a marriage or special anniversary and to bless a couple with years of love and tenderness.

In other cases, may be used in a more compelling manner–to make a difficult boss like you better, to encourage a judge or jury to find in your favor, or to persuade your students or clients to work with you and follow your lead.

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