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Van Van Oil | Amplifies Intentions

Van Van Oil | Amplifies Intentions

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An old school hoodoo oil from New Orleans : Van Van – a Multi-purpose Oil.

Van Van is traditionally known for its uplifting, energizing, and depression-lifting qualities. It’s blessed to improve luck, to attract your personal ancestral spirits of prosperity, and bring a good change in fortune when you need it most. Because of the invigorating herbs, Van Van is also known to chase away evil, heaviness, and energy that would hold you back from joy and success. Many consider this the “road opener” of the Black American diaspora.

Use on your body, petition papers, lamps/candles, wallets, and on business doorknobs and documents. You can add a couple drops to a spiritual bath to improve your circumstances, or lightened a depressed, financially-stressed mood. Can be used on a daily basis.

Smells like: Sweet, lemony, sunshiny goodness gracious.

Comes in 1/2 oz bottle

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