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Lalus Roots N Conjure

WITCHES BURRS | Removing Negativity, Protection

WITCHES BURRS | Removing Negativity, Protection

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Sweetgum balls, a.k.a. gumballs or "witch balls", are great to use for protection work. The spiny appendages will repel evil and is said to capture negative energy in its hollow holes
 If one hangs some above the doorway it is believed to prevent an enemy from entering. For enemy work or for pay-me work the balls are used to make a person uncomfortable.

For protection of the home You can wrap three balls in red string, sprinkle holy water on them and pray Psalm 23 over them before hanging them above the doors or windows.

Edited to add: helps keep the laws(police) from messing with you.

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5 Witches Burrs


10 Witches Burrs

SIZE: Natural burrs vary in size and shape. Measures approximately 1-2 inches.

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