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Lalus Roots N Conjure

XOXO Couple's Oil | Devotion Drawing

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Sis or King, wanna spice up your love life and keep your lover focus on you? Handcrafted XOXO, Couple's Oil is full of herbs, roots, oils and intention that will draw in your lover and KEEP them coming back. Skillfully designed to ensure fidelity within a relationship and encourage harmony, attraction, passion, and sensuality energy. The herbs used in this oil help to improve relationships of lovers. Open you and your lover up to sensuality and serves as an aphrodisiac. Aromatherapy: Uplifts the emotions and shown to increase libido. Opens the heart chakra, helps to heal on the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. Our oil is also useful in relieving depression, anxiety, and stress. This allows you to relax, sit back and be confident in your relationship and in your Goddess energy. ✨ thus drawing in that good good and knocking down blockages.     Comes in glass dropper bottle.