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Lalus Roots N Conjure

Yemoja Body Wash

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Our body wash is specifically made for total body and spirit cleansing. No Chemicals, all natural and plant based ingredients. Yemoja Wash is a lavender and citrus scented body wash. This moisturizing body wash gives your skin the soothing, refreshing clean it deserves. Coconut Oil, essential oils, and other thoughtfully chosen ingredients leave your skin smooth and soft as the delicate foam rinses clean. Mama Yemaya is an African Goddess, she is often called on for issues of fertility, inspiration, acquiring ancient wisdom, blessings, compassion, inspiration, and female power. Use when you’re… Feel the need for self-nurturing or to be nurtured When confidence or courage is waning or lacking Need a daily “pick-me-up” Having any type of healing bodywork performed (Massage, EFT, Reiki) Ritual: Use whenever you long for or, need to be nurtured, nourished or grounded. For best results, repeat a mantra as you cleanse your body and energy. 8oz or 4 oz bottles