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Lalus Roots N Conjure

Frankincense + Mrryh

Frankincense + Mrryh

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Frankincense + Mrryh


Frankincense Resin has a variety of healing properties. It is traditionally used to shift the emotional, spiritual and vibrational state of a person. In many ancient cultures it was burned in spaces where the sick were held.

Frankincense Resin is an amazing purifier used to purify a space or the physical body. Many people burn it during meditation and breath work for clarity and to open up the third eye.

Frankincense Resin is associated with the sun which makes it a great offering to solar and fire Gods. Frankincense Resin is also associated with Good Luck and burned during Good Luck Rituals or to bless amulets for Good Luck.

Resins can be burned on charcoal, cauldron or directly in fire.

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