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Lalus Roots N Conjure

Blue Anil| lucky blue squares | hoodoo laundry blueing

Blue Anil| lucky blue squares | hoodoo laundry blueing

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Traditionally, these lucky blue squares have long been a beloved staple for those wishing to welcome success, luck + prosperity, while keeping their homes and sacred spaces physically + energetically pristine.

Suggested uses: -Keep a bowl with a dissolved blue square + fresh water in any room you want to keep pure + free of low vibrational energies.

-Dissolve a blue square into to your mop water to rid the space of low vibrational, dense energies + evil eye. *Additional floor-wash adds in may include your favorite cleansing or luck- drawing herbs, a splash of agua florida, cascarilla, holy water, etc.

*aforementioned ingredients may also be mixed up in a spray bottle to easily refresh your space as needed.

-Make a prosperity spray with fresh spring water to sprinkle on cash, lottery tickets, etc. to attract your desired abundance, prosperity + gambling luck.

-Create a peaceful dreams bedtime spray with water, lavender blossoms or lavender essential oil and a blue square to spritz your room as needed.

-Add a blue square to your laundry cycle when you wash your bedding, to discourage nightmares + improve quality of sleep.

Comes with 1 square

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