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Lalus Roots N Conjure

Rose Oil

Rose Oil

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Rose Oil in Hoodoo Work-

Roses are amazing in love workings, dream, lust, divination work self love, healing, health, luck and so much more.
This oil can be used on your body, on spell candles, tag locks, in baths, during glamour magic etc.

The Rose has been named "Queen of the Flowers", it has been said that the Rose has the purest and most positive vibration of any living thing. Rose has the ability to lift your spirit, clear your mind and align you with your divine self. Magically, Rose can be used to fortify wealth and attract abundance. It can be used for beauty, to enhance beauty and to maintain a youthful appearance. It can also be used for clearing, blessing, to dream of one's true love, emotional healing, friendship, romance and to strengthen spirituality.

My Rose Oil can be used to anoint the body, for contact work, to dress plain candles, to anoint spiritual tools and altars, and as an ingredient in baths, washes, oil lamps, and Medicine Bags. They can be also added to our Fixed Candles and our Ritual Baths.

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