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Lalus Roots N Conjure

Sacred Goddess Soap Bar

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New Soaps DROPPING this week on my website ✨ Goddess Bar Soap and Sacred Pussy/Yoni Bar To gain peace of mind, prosperity, love, respect, and protection. Use this Spiritual Handmade Soap to honor The Goddess. It can be used for enlightenment, as a road opener and to bring positive changes in your life. Has Gold and Bronze Mica to attract favor to you! ✨Massage directly onto wet skin or use with wash cloth. ✨Made from goat’s milk, glycerin and 100% pure essential oil. ✨Scent profile: Lavender and Rose ✨Soap Contains 6 Organic Herbs that help to align with its purpose. (4 ounces per bar) 1 Bar that is intuitively chosen (Gold or Bronze Bar) Comes with an affirmation card that you can use while manifesting ✨