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Lalus Roots N Conjure

Starlight Charcoal Incense Discs - 10 pack Charcoal Disks for Incense Herbs Resin Burning, Smudging Coals, College Care Package

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Almost as far back as the discovery of fire and throughout the millenia our ancestors have used fire and the offeratory burning of woods, resins, incense and so much more in their spiritual ceremonies and traditions. Buring various herbs, resins, woods and incense has been a powerful and effective means of offering gratitude, of conjuring, calling on the spirit realm, creating a mood or environment, cleansing a space and so much more! This listing is for Ten Pack Roll or 6 discs of Charcoal Self-Igniting Pellets seen in the photograph. Each pellet is roughly 1 inch wide and is intended for the use of burning resins, incense, herbs etc on top of them.. To use, simply place one pellet in a fire and heat resistant vessel such as the cast iron cauldron seen above. Light with a match and allow the coal to become white hot, once this happens you may gently sprinkle resins, powdered incense, herbs on top of the pellet and enjoy as the fragrance fills the air. Perfect for smudging