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Lalus Roots N Conjure

Uncrossing Oil

Uncrossing Oil

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Uncrossing oil is often used to remove crossed conditions that have attached themselves to you. This oil is known to cleanse all bad energies that have either been put on your or attached by inviting in bad energies through normal means.

My favorite way to use this oil is in a bath. Add a few drops to your bath and recite psalm 51. When getting out of the bath allow yourself to air dry completely. Scents of lemon and pine add to the cleansing energies of this oil.

Some other Ways to use my Hoodoo Oils:

✨Add handwritten scroll directly into bottle
✨Anoint feet and hands
✨Run a little oil through your hair before you start your day
✨Run a little oil through your hair before a date
✨Add to floor washes (especially at your business to draw ideal and loving clients)
✨Add to carpet steamer
✨Burn over charcoal as an incense
✨Dress your protection, reversal, love, prosperity, money, job, and attraction candles



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